Continual enhancement of teaching

Enhancement of education quality, dedication of education study, development of educational resource, energizing educational content, and improvement of teaching evaluation. Furthermore, to promote the atmosphere of faculty research, to encourage faculty participation in government projects or Ministry of Science and Technology projects, to promote journal publications, and to actively establish research group in specialize fields of research.

      Promote the development of service learning

Encourage teachers to actively participate in extracurricular services of government agencies and NGOs; to serve on the government agencies’ committee, review committee, evaluation committee, or consultants; to hold positions as the chairmen, supervisors, directors, trustees, and consultants of NGOs; to serve as editorial board members, chief editors, or consultants in domestic and foreign journals; and serve as speakers or presenters in domestic and international symposium. In addition, continuing to encourage students to study through service learning to extend their learning to non-profit organizations and communities and to enrich their humanities and social solicitudes.

Cross-disciplinary innovation

We encourage our faculty to practice their leadership in innovative teaching and scholarship, and in optimizing the learning environment into a cross-disciplinary format. Through this leadership, we enhance students’ integrated capacities with stronger competitiveness. We are also dedicated to shape an ecological environment of next generation for innovation and entrepreneurship.

      Promote Internationalization

Encourage teachers to visit abroad, to hold international exchange activities, to enhance international perspective.

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